put in a bind. not.

I really shouldn’t be doing this right now, so tired and nothing that i study goes into my mind.. so i thought maybe i will note something down that i’ve thought about.

fact: everyone is too busy to care about others.

of course that might not be true, people who care for you are really the keepers, they love you and want you to be well.. but for most part, we don’t often take great pains to offer our care and concern unless we know about it. we don’t really go around seeking people who are feeling blue and attempt to cheer them up, at least not consciously or religiously doing so.. although my solution is really just try to be joyful and then somehow without knowing you have already brightened someone’s day.

that said, so if people are too busy to really care, why should one be put in a bind? i.e. living up to expectations of others (your own expectations not included here).. do you really care about how others see you? and if you care, maybe that’s what keeps you going to prove yourself, but i am beginning to think if that is necessary.

if you don’t care, maybe its time to just do things for yourself. for me i am learning how to think like this. not to be put in a bind and tire myself out, but rather living to the extent that: when i look back, i know i have not let myself down.

*this doesn’t apply if you deem letting yourself down means falling short of others’ expectations.

ps: rambling post, and i cannot wait to blog about attending BigBang concert after this hectic week~


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