What am i doing blogging here and not continuing with my essay!! truth be told this essay is quite worrying, i am not sure about the direction that i am taking it to, and i am unhappy to hand in what i have now. maybe i should promise myself corona as reward? hmm i am not alcoholic, but it’s times like this that you really need a drink? no? oh wells..

that aside, i am spending my recess week rather okay.. doing some reading, and of course hoping that i am keeping up with work. but maybe this post is for what i want to say..

I don’t think i can be defined, because i myself do not know who i really am.. it’s just that i feel when i learn new things they come to shape part of me, so if i intend to continue learning, i will not have a fix personality right? of course certain principles and beliefs still hold, but they don’t necessary define a person.

if there’s one thing i know for sure, that’ll be: a person is too complex.


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