recess week and it’s time for a break, or is it? lots of things to do this recess week, and i guess pressing the brakes is not as easy as one has hoped to be.

nevertheless, i am glad that i have a week of not going to school.. so there is less stress from that school setting or even space. that said, a few trips back might be necessary, but i am still staying optimism about how it’s better than going to school everyday…

and at this point, dear me, i have no idea what i am ranting about except that i want to say i always get the most out of talking/chatting with others.. it serves as a reminder for myself as much as it serves the purpose of expressing myself to others..

that said i just want to get this thing off my chest: “why must we fix an age to something? or a number to everything we do? if we are enjoying ourselves at this moment, we would experienced happiness.” optimistic outlook, and i guess that’w how everyone should be influenced by.

lastly, although most times we want to be optimistic, one musn’t take for granted that it can always happen.. for it’s only natural to feel tied down and feel tired from something that is not as close to our heart but simply being a necessity. but i guess attempting to maintain optimism is already a feat at that point?

and of course, there is always room to step on the brakes and take a break; perhaps we just need to choose the extent of doing it.



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