I think i am not who i am. how i want to behave is sometimes different from how i really behave.

sometimes i know that i am mean, unintentionally, but sometimes being straightforward is also being mean..

needing something to keep myself to the ground, needing the arts to keep me calm, and make me a better person. i am too far off from the ideal.

Sorry if i have been mean. this is to anyone whom i’ve been mean to, even when it was not meant to be like this and even if you cannot read this. and lastly, pardon my cowardice to express it on my personal platform. Sorry.


2 thoughts on “Mean

    • Hi.. i’m happy that you chanced upon my web blog, i believe if you are an existing member of WordPress you can see a “follow”button at the top of my page?
      yeap.. i guess you can click on that, but apologies that i don’t blog very frequently so you might/might not get updates from this.. have a good day~

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