Talk about school.

School has started and apart from the resolution to pull my grades, i have a few concerns.. beyond that i am hoping to just take things as they come, as i’ve always tried to.

it seems that sometimes the more we want something, it will just fade away and leave us. talk about the strange law of attraction? but nevertheless my timetable planning has truly surprised me this time.. sudden changes to module and here i found myself needing to drop a module to fit another. fortunately the one that i drop is not a core, but i would be missing learning something new.

instead i will replace it with another non-core that fits my schedule.. the only concern i have now is the availability and whether i can take it… no matter, i hope things will turn out okay. still keeping that positive part of me alive, even if it’s just a tiny bit.

was talking to my sister yesterday, and she gave me a thorough analysis of myself, “you may not have noticed it, but you are a perfectionist.” “for any task you undertake, you will see it through and if it’s not up to your expectations, you will focus on it until you are satisfied.” “the good thing is you have quality work, the bad thing is you cannot multi-task, even though you might seem like doing it.”

reflecting on that, she got me. something that i didn’t even know of myself. i never thought of myself as perfectionist, i just want to do things to the best of my ability, or at least try my best. i never believed in perfection, and yet my approach to work might sometimes veer towards that path.

enough of this, i have some serious thinking to do. just purely school work, or involve in more but risk overlooking the school aspect. and for now, the only thing i can truly be happy is, i am quite happy with most modules i’ve chose (putting slot clashing aside).. lots of film component involved and simply, a new challenge and interest for myself.

i cross my fingers hoping everything will turn out right and good. please i have never done anything against my conscience and i hope i can be blessed for this little hurdle i am facing now.


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