this is like a diary entry!

Just happened to read an online article about seven things not taught in school (but should be).. it was by an author that i previously shrugged off as privileged and thus he could succeed (or something along that line..)

i guess we really cannot be definite about someone or our views on certain things. it is good to have principles and stick to what we believe, but at the same time i am still learning to leave some space for new ideas and possibilities that i’ve overlooked, due to my own stubbornness and even arrogance.

anyways that author has really allowed me to change my opinionated view of him, but for the moment i will not read his book.. for it stilled defers from what i believe in.

moving on, school is starting soon. next week. for the time being i seem to have lots to do, to consider and to prepare for. readings, notes, time management, school life. oh well, let things come naturally and i’ll hopefully do what i have to do and not procrastinate =)

and for so long, i’ve overlooked the people around me. i have friends, but some friends i feel like i’ve let them down, not showing enough concern and not being as close as i feel i should. that should change, it might sound childish to still worry about friendship.. but i personally think one does not do away with these necessary responsibilities (in terms of managing the people in your life) as one ages. it still matters.

this is really a diary entry, a new try but i could get use to it!

PS: my book has arrived ^^


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