An Overdue Travel Log (IV)


The final log for my Taiwan trip this summer.. actually typing this is real cathartic, especially when  i have to plan for my new semester in school which gets real annoying, worrying and a bit stressful.

then seeing these photos gave me a chance to pause from all that necessary evil and a breather from seemingly rat race with myself and reality… and makes me remember why i am always reminding myself to give my best. it’s to get the chance to appreciate travelling more and earn the right to travel.

so i guess we all have a sanctuary and mine is just simply going out and experiencing the different environment, actually even taking a plane is cathartic in my opinion. i have this crazy love for air travel and my favourite meals are air-plane meals…

the morning of our last day in Taipei, we’re leaving in the evening =( yet we decided to make full use of it to immerse ourselves in this great country.. off we go to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall aka 中正纪念堂.

even the metro station of the memorial hall is special and packed with meaningful symbols.. for instance the underground tunnel has become a location for exhibiting art pieces (photo above), it reminds me of the underground route from City Hall MRT to Esplanade in Singapore.

only this metro station stick to its aims strictly and actively promotes art, i really like the arts and related things.. they intrigue me and my personal take on them is that they elevates one’s soul and gives you something beyond the norm.. don’t really know how to describe it here. anyways the national library of Taipei seems to be really near the memorial hall too, so i assume it’s all the cultural themed activities packed in an area (really good idea!)

selca with bird in front of the memorial hall, we’re squinting our eyes because it is really sunny on that day, and despite being really happy that we got to learn a small piece of Taiwan’s history, i could sense that we have mixed feelings bout it too.. cos’ we’re leaving but that aside, the visit is an eye-opener.

the is the outside of the memorial hall, really splendid and grand looking, for an important political figure. the whole place exudes a very traditional aura, a piece of history that makes you develop respect for this particular space. i was really awed by it and i must say it was a humbling experience in terms of how it affects my thinking..

when we were there, it happened to be the change-over ceremony for guards duty.. and this particular guard’s now in his place doing his duty.. his peers and him have to be in full gear and standing, in a stern position, no joke or anything, guarding the body of Mr Chiang Kai-shek. bird and i actually observed him for awhile and it seems as if he did not blink =O and he didn’t move an inch too!

really admirable attitude and sense of responsibility, this is the feeling i got when i saw him =)

another thing i like was the writings inside the memorial hall, they are wise words and teachings that i think would benefit us if we manage to practice them or simply remember them.. to conclude i really enjoyed this tranquil visit to the memorial hall and wouldn’t mind going back again and exploring the full grounds.

after the visit we had plenty of time, so we took out our map and sourced for last minute venues to visit.. we decided to visit MOCA (Taipei). Museum of Contemporary Art (Taipei) since bird has learnt art when she was younger i feel she might be able ot appreciate too, and i personally like visiting museums and art places, for the sake of these cultured experiences.. of course i like art and hope to pursue it some day, maybe it will come soon =)

on the way to MOCA, we had to take an elevator and since Taiwan is plaque with earthquakes, it’s really exciting to see that they have a seismic warning system in the elevator! (geographer’s delight)

the entrance to MOCA, there’s an over priced cafe there too.. i never understood why in art places there’s always over priced cafes, and i might never know but i still hope to find out one day.. is it cos people who visit art places are perceived to be more well off? or the value placed on art is high (monetary and intellectually).. i thought that art should be something easily accessed and appreciated, something to develop people and thus not exclusive like expensive coffee places..

a silhouette of myself with an art piece shown in the museum.. really abstract at times, but i understood the intent better after reading through the explanations.. quite different from how i interpret at times but other times i am awed by the artists’ train of thought..

my favourite shot in the museum, maybe cos of the photo composition.. but i really like how it exudes a bit of kiddish feel but also sending a great message through displaying the art piece in a mirrored room..

visit to MOCA’s really enjoyable and silent.. everyone was just going about appreciating the exhibits at their own pace and there’s not interference or disturbance. reminds me of the mood when i’m reading, no interference and just exported to another world.. but back to reality feeling surreal after experience =) LOVE IT!

i was not joking when i said we really enjoyed going to Yong Kang Street. as we had to get our luggage in the hostel and wait for the driver to send us to the airport, we decided to just roam around Yong Kang Street again to spend the rest of the afternoon there..

we chanced upon CafeArt, which is really art-themed and decorated, very “earthy” feeling but quite crowded.. i would have preferred if it was a little brighter and less crowded.. price is quite steep but i guess cos it’s the last day we really don’t care about spending close to $6 SGD for a glass of lemonade..

one plus point is it has wifi, so we could catch up on our sns activity and inform people we’re coming back! next time i shall make it a point to NOT use my phone when i travel, i’ll have it with me but the sns stuff shall be ignored and work ignored. everything not related to my trip and not concerning life and death will not be entertained. i will try this for my next travel =)

time flies, and we’re flying too…

one last shot in Taiwan inside transit area.. blurry selca but it contains all the wonderful memories and experiences. a promise we made: we shall be back =)

goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are special. some goodbyes involve many, some goodbyes involve few… but each is definitely packed with emotions. saying goodbye and ending this log with a shot of the empty transit waiting area. i will be back and to other places, for sure =)

thank you Taiwan for the wonderful memories, it never fails to touch me just like how each trip does.. giving me room for introspection and simply more at ease with myself. i almost feel peaceful enough to just deal with whatever might come my way.

thankful for this and everything else.



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