An Overdue Travel Log (I)

Finally I am doing this! a post on my travels as i’ve promised myself and even anyone who is remotely interested in.. i’ve been procrastinating about this  cos the thought of uploading photos intimidates me, the amount of time i would be spending on them.

yet if i didn’t do it, i would feel like something is incomplete and just not a good way to mark the rare holidays that i get. so here goes =)

Embarked on a trip to Taiwan with my friend of seven years, QY (i call her bird). best friend? good friend? okay i don’t like to label my friends, but she is really close to me.. we only went on a five-day trip which’s so short. really short, and i have absolutely no idea why didn’t we stay longer.. cos my dad wanted me to come back before he flies off.. it’s that parent mentality but i understand and hopefully in future it won’t be a restriction..

we took the morning flight, 7+ am .. i’ve always love flying around (who doesn’t?) and yes the feeling is always one of liberation.. and of course being on a plane we see sights that are not available in other “spaces”.. not just the flight attendants, but also the view of the skies.

ever so cathartic, i once watch a show about pilots and planes, the main character said something like: if you have troubles and worries, at this moment take your time and look out of the window. the beautiful sky is always here for you, so throw your troubles away and welcome a new beginning and enjoy your trip! 望出窗外,把你的烦恼和忧虑都抛出窗外。享受着天空带给你的舒适与美好,最后祝你有新的开始愉快的旅程!

finally arrived at Taipei, the warning sign is a common sight in airports but i’ve never really paid attention except for this particular trip.. and of course for Singapore’s the in-flight announcer will announce the laws on drug trafficking upon touching down. perhaps i should pay more attention to these during my next trip..

the first two days we’re meant to spend them at Taichung, and so we took the Speed rail (快铁), which took us close to 2 hours to get there. and the rail itself travels at high speed (of course), can’t imagine travelling there on road.. but i think if we had a car to travel by road would allow us to see more sights despite the longer travelling time.. i wouldn’t mind that, especially if we’re on a free and easy stress free schedule..

for this trip, we’re eager to reach our destination and start playing plus there really isn’t any contacts (i doubt anyone will be willing to drive, not with this convenient speed rail..)

Speed rail ticket, cost about $22 SGD per person relatively reasonable price i say, considering we’re travelling to a different part of the country. one thing i have to mention is that the people in Taiwan are really gracious, even on the speed rail the atmosphere in the cabins is quiet, like on a plane!

taking a bus to our hotel’s vicinity, followed by a cab cos we’re really lost.. proud to say it’s the only time we hired a cab throughout the five days! selca on the bus~

fast forward to the bus stop outside our hotel, we’re on our way to Taichung’s famous night market: 逢甲夜市. it is located in a university area, and these students are so lucky i say! nus should consider having one that is cheap and good, utown is a bit costly in my opinion, but i guess this is what makes Taiwan unique..

finally here at the entrance of the night market, it’s still early when we’re there about 5+ pm and stalls are just starting to set up, with the exception of a few (mostly popular ones).. such as the one below, the original 大肠包小肠!

basically this food item is a rice rolled containing: glutinous rice, Taiwanese sausage, vegetables and special sauce. they have many other flavours too like wasabi, japanese styled and bbq.. we ordered one original roll and the quantity is enough for two especially if you are intending to try other food, which you will most likely do..

the taste is real awesome, no wonder there was already a queue when we’re there early, and when we left that place about 8+ the queue gets real long all the way to the edge of the road..

now for more food items, it’s Stinky Tofu. this dish is easily one of my favourite, however for this particular night market i say give this a miss.. the taste is no more than a deep fried tofu that smells stinky but once eaten there is not much flavour in the mouth.. a minus point is that they don’t serve it traditionally with the pickled vegetables but served it with coriander and parsley, in my opinion these two vegetables covered the taste of the tofu..

the next highlight is shown in the photo above. i shall title this photo: THE BEST BUBBLE TEA I HAVE EVER TASTED! now i daringly say, move over Koi and Gong Cha! this is the drink that made me risk my life drinking it (i have milk allergy) but that can be discussed again.. i love it so much!!

in my opinion those franchised stalls are severely over rated and costly even in Taiwan. this bubble tea is real good, flavoursome and cheap, for $2 SGD abt NT$50, i get the largest size that i can get in Singapore. plus the fact that the pearls are just nice, i wouldn’t mind drinking it every day..also cos i’ve tried the best in Taiwan, i actually don’t drink them in Singapore anymore, not as often cos i just couldn’t find one that satisfy..

on a side note, bird told me she heard that a cup of 珍珠奶茶 has calories that are equivalent to consuming eight bowls of rice.. i’m not surprise considering you get full flavour and that “wow”! perhaps weight watchers might not be keen on it, but i’m a weight watcher too except i don’t believe in not eating.. i just eat everything i want then exercise later. “exercise is for me to eat more” is the food motto i live by~

posing with our food items.. bird’s holding a piece of fried chicken and it’s a shame that we visited the wrong stall.. we should have visited the charcoal chicken stall, as it was featured on a TV program for best street food in Taiwan.. only found out about it when we’re back, but i say this gives me another reason to go back again!

changed of style, wearing a cap.. i always love hats and caps, and it’s time to trim my hair again to look good in them.. okay random photo, but this was given to me by bird as my birthday present~in this photo i was trying on Birkenstock, and this topic shall be explored later..

boarding a bus back to the hotel after we’re satisfied with the night market adventures.. basically there are three things to do in a night market: eat, shop and get soaked in that foreign surrounding studying people, similarities and differences in a culture, never fails to disappoint!

signing off with a photo of the funky friend taking photo with a dork like me… first day in Taichung: plane, speed rail, bus, cab, bus, bus.. main mode of transport would be bus, saves money and offers great sights of a new city!


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