a dawn posting.

I’ve always wanted to do this, posting an entry at dawn.. because i’ve always felt very tranquil at dawn and there’s always nice reflection to be done at this hour.. and so here i am fulfilling that..

things i’ve done this holiday for official matters:
1) planned my timetable (and hopefully get them all)

2) reflected upon a new approach towards things i.e. school work, attitude..

the list is mediocre, but i’m quite happy that whatever i’ve accomplished could pose influence on the future! and of course the most important thing is that, this holiday i’ve spent a great time with my friends, mainly from the Geog. Soc.

this is also a good time to put a proper closure to my first year in university.. i never expected to join a cca when i move on to tertiary education and i guess i am very thankful that i’ve participated in it. i’ve learnt through the ups and downs, fulfilling duties for the society and attempted to cope with the hectic schedule and lack of self-discipline.

but more importantly, i’ve come to know a very interesting and great group of friends. each and everyone are really astonishing individual, some smarter than others and some wackier than others (actually to conclude everyone in 46th is wacky and fun!).. but more importantly, we’ve functioned almost like a family and never failing to constantly encourage one another and keeping things going.

this phrase i think i’ve used a million times, but i’ll still use it because it is most apt in describing how we function as a cca and society.. we’re each other’s rock, keeping things together and helping one another out.

there is also definitely many things involved in this i.e. we never fail to make a fool out of ourselves (the good way), have a good laugh and simply doing things that i never thought i would attempt. that is a hint that my student life before coming to nus is quite dead and with the Geog. Soc friends (affiliates included), there’s also food outing spontaneous playing of sports and random comments made on one another.

i guess this is what makes a student’s life interesting, what you’ve gone through.. but more important i feel that it is the people that made it all possible, what’s the experience without the right people to create them with?

and so as i will continue to join my friends in all these “merry making” moments, i sincerely cherish them and feel that they can be my friends for life (i hope that i did not jinx this wish because i’ve put in down in black and white!)

now to talk briefly about the academic part, i’ve read some books and also got inspired by some people over the holidays. believing in yourself and time management is key in achieving your goals, no matter how hard, they are still achievable.. and so AY2011/2012 has been a bitter sweet journey in terms of official sch matters, but there’s also an awareness there that i haven’t put in my best, regrettably.

putting that down just made me face the truth, but i guess it’s also a sign of moving on thus changing things for the better.

to conclude, my first year in university has been literally a roller coaster ride. very colourful and i do not regret having spent it that way even though things are not always smooth.

ps: there, i’ve said it and done it. my dawn post is simply =) and goal is to earn more right to travel alone~


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