inspire me.

“If a person truly give at least one hour of his/her time per day, there are so many things that one can do. I can do it if I really try.”

“I try/work in order to be happy. Rather than dying everyday from fear, I prefer to live in happiness everyday and die just once. That is my belief. I believe that the essence of all things comes from what/how we make of it. Same goes for one’s belief in oneself.”

“As I realized that I don’t care about other people looking at me, I’ve become free.”


wise words, not from me but words that i’ve read recently that really inspired me. words propelling me to learn from them. and so i’ve decided to pick what i would enjoy and make the most out of the experience. even if it means having a less ideal schedule.

it will not be easy, but even if it’s tough i want it to be something that i would enjoy doing; and as the above if i really give my best and put in hard work i can achieve something great. just don’t stop moving.

ps: july is passing by fast~


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