Books, thoughts and other things not.

“Don’t stay stationary, keep moving and you are bound to get somewhere.”

I have no idea why the quote above, but it inevitably got me to thinking it’s the same with our tastes and preferences. they change over time, like how our perceptions and thoughts do as our experiences get richer day by day.

i guess the same could be said of my taste in books, i really like reading. unlike many who developed the habit since young, as a kid i remember my parents almost had to beg me to pick up a book. even as they did that, my reading quota was a maximum of two books a year.. pretty big contrast with what i am doing now (with the reading habit that is)

so moving on, i remember a teacher in secondary school days just before our class was streamed to other classes for the following year, he bought each and everyone of us a book. i remember mine was The Alchemist written by Paulo Coelho, after that book i realised there are things you can get out of a book; lessons that may not come to you through experiences and at times revelation and an escape from the world. i was totally absorbed to reading and that was how i got myself started, rigorously looking for books during my long vacation periods.

lastly, there is also a pretty funny contribution to my reading habit. i came to respect this actress and her hobby was reading, she would share her reads with fans on her blog and as a typical fan girl, i would rigorously read all the books that she had read too! surprisingly our tastes in books wasn’t that far apart, so that’s how my reading quota increases day by day..

and with this post, since my really long vacation is almost coming to an end i figured i should put my reads and keep check of how much i’ve read. in a way it’s reminder of how i can only read during the holidays now (because school gets too taxing) and a wonderful reminder that i always have reading to fall back on when i have nothing to do. so here goes:

this particular read was translated from Japanese, and I got it from Taiwan. it is really heart warming, telling the stories of lonely souls who found lifetime friends in a midnight bakery, i have a  soft spot for plots involving food so i was delighted to find this! and it got me making my own bread after reading it, really nice. the translated English title should be: The Midnight Bakery.

the book’s title is literally: “Hug, Hug”. a graphic novel by Jimmy (Taiwanese author). his books are usually philosophical in nature, or maybe introspective in nature. kids would love the colorful photos and adults would appreciate his thoughts as reflected through his writings. this in particular talks about hugs, and how a hug would do everyone good.. i don’t really wish to share my personal thoughts after reading this, but it’s still a nice read though not my favourite one compared to the other novels by the same author.

Pinocchio, in Chinese. i don’t remember the story of Pinocchio until i read this on a flight back home, and i would never forget this book. it embodies the experience and feeling of reading on a plane (my favourite mode of transport), so yeap it’s definitely nice. and content is the typical Pinocchio story with lessons of don’t lie and be nice to your parents, be an obedient child and everything nice can happen to you at the end of the day..

one of the darkest read i’ve touched. initially i was intrigued by the title, after reading it there’s quite a few lit. devices employed but the plot itself is really not appealing to me. and after this read, i have made a resolution to find bright reads with positive life lessons.. life is already challenging and i have no intention to dwell into the darker side.. hah but it’s still a good book, hey it didn’t win awards for nothing!

one other English book i’m reading is How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, a desperate attempt to make my life efficient and myself smarter.. it’s a self-improvement book and i haven’t quite finish reading it. cos’ the content is lengthy and for each lesson to be absorbed i reckon i would need time to read it slowly..

lastly, all is good this vacation and i can only hope for it to get better =) hopefully at the end of it i am a well rested and mentally ready for a new semester ahead..

ps: the title of this post is actually books and thoughts, other things not just reminds me of power puff girls’: sugar, spice and everything nice~ random..


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