bumpy ride plus lost and found.

Everything is over. okay everything that requires full attention and effort(no slacking mentality) is over for this summer. camp turned out great, better than expected (i had personal insecurities about it before) and the law of attraction is scary.

that said, meaning there were minor bumpy rides during camp, mostly because of my personal fault for not paying attention. but luckily it turned out okay.. and i managed to not ruin it twice with the second day.

but it is through this bumpy ride that i found myself again.

people to thank for, a great working team with people who are fun, caring and understanding. people who were patient and accepting and being great sports. last note, they are all geographers or geographers to be =)

anyways, through this bumpy ride i found myself again. no backing down, just move because when you stop you’ve failed. be moving constantly and you will get somewhere. and of course, maintaining a happy disposition and just being spunky, happy and get into the situation with light hearted emotions.

i found myself, for it’s under great pressure that i see myself again as who i am, who i could improve to be and learning more in general. thank you FIC 2012 for a great experience, it may not be all smooth sailing but it’s definitely eye opening and at the end of the day, it’s what we manage to bring to others that matters. that i can say, we have succeeded and everything is worth it. the only hard part was: now that it’s over, time to move on to a new chapter~

the greatest revelation comes when we encounter the greatest bumpy rides or situations that are unexpected, triumphing them is a priceless gift we get.

i am so going to miss my campus experience for the past two semester, and i can only hope for better semesters to come and they will be good because i shall be prepared to welcome them =)

all the best to my friends and peers, for life would be unimaginable and totally uninteresting if they were not in this journey with me.



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