my scales on viewing films

This discussion popped up over lunch with my family and i realised that albeit it’s based on a life discussion of discerning people, it is actually a really applicable scale to be used on films.

we were talking about, what defines one thing to be better than others or simply what makes something stands out?

the scales of:
1) Good Looking
2) Pretty
3) Beautiful

these words came up based on how we discern a person’s appearance (okay this is a superficial analogy but really quick to understand). we all know that everyone looks unique and no two other person look the same, that is discounting plastic surgery. i have to admit that it is somewhat of elitist to focus on the best scale, but ignoring the other two.

here goes, a good looking person could be when you see him/her from a distance and there are nice and neat facial features. pretty looking person, would have the looks and really strikingly good looking. the first two scales are based on appearance; so what defines a beautiful person?

a beautiful person, we discussed has something to do with the “whole package” with value-adding qualities, that is the person need not be astonishingly good looking, but has inner qualities and a character that is enough to garner the respect and approval from others based on simply how one carries himself/herself.

so being a film junkie, i reckon the three scales are applicable too.

for instance, a good looking film will be somewhat of a block buster, with famous actors and really strong publicity stunts.

an example of a ‘good looking’ film: Rush Hour

no offence to fans of Avengers, but it has all the graphic effects and a fairly exciting plot, but you wouldn’t think much about the film after a while, it doesn’t give you much room to exercise your own interpretation.

the second scale of pretty films, could have the above and in addition there are features of nice scenes, good photography by cinematographer with visual features and technicalities.

an example of a ‘pretty’ film: Avengers

finally a beautiful film, these are my favourite. films that might not have all the best features or publicity stunts, but just power packed with decent film technicalities and exploration with good acting, but the most important factor is after watching that film, it leaves you thinking. simply said, a film that is thought provoking or a film that is gripping your emotions.

an example of a ‘beautiful film’: Departures

speaking of Departures, this is one of my favourite film. no need fancy effects, just brilliant acting and really touching plot about death and rituals. the film leaves me thinking about the morbid topic of death and such.

my two cents worth on films and their scales, of course it is really subjective but i still think it’s applicable. and personally i always go for beautiful films, which are pretty hard to find in cinemas. one other film i’m hoping to find is: The Class.



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