like through adolescence

I always feel the need to prove myself, to justify what i do, to gain that bit of recognition.

it gets tiring, but it need not be that right? i once read something like this in an interview, “why does it matter so much to “follow” the model of doing what is expected at certain age? i.e. attending college in late teens, start working in early adulthood. we are all adults in this world, and responsible for our own development so why must we fix a number to what we can do as we continue to improve ourselves?”

i really liked that and the idea of not having any restrictions to what we do, whether it means for fulfilling our own goals or simply doing what we want. of course gaining that recognition would be a bonus, but perhaps it is not something that we should be troubled by. or rather i should be troubled by.

enough of the need to prove; we don’t need to prove to anyone. do what we are doing or we want to do with courage, only with failure will we learn and better ourselves.

i’m learning to practice that, and so it’s time to approach things with a crystal clear mindset. set what you believe in and use them to adjust to situations, is that not the most ideal?

this is a ranting post, like going through adolescence and complaining. may this post serves as a reminder to myself, and whoever happened to pass by~


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