complacency destroys. do you feel that way? i do. the world around us is changing, for better or worse, because i am part of that change i cannot judge.

and they always say drama reflects life and vice versa, but what if either one affects you so much that reel life becomes a real feeling too? perhaps that’s when we learn to not think too much about it. at least i have emotions and can be affected, but i’ve always wondered what it’s like to just not be yourself, yet it doesn’t affect your real life.. role playing.

today the emotions and thoughts are all jumbled up, too much on the mind too little effort to bother arranging them… and just a poem of sorts that i wrote, it’s in Chinese.


雨天 晴天,


晴天 我的家是你的家,
雨天 让你不再迷失
每一天 希望你过得温暖。

ps: always putting the nature element in them, and always hidden behind the words are some emotions that one is afraid to spell out clearly. may we all find warmth and happiness =)


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