perspectives and gratefulness

I have always believed that as much as there are adversities in life or difficulties that we faces, these are equalized by good things befalling on us too. it is a matter of identifying them and being grateful for them.

because very often, the good things come in small packages that may seem insignificant compared to the negative ones, but they are definitely there.

do you ever feel that you have to constantly recharge yourself, and absorb new ideas and experiences? i recently read a book about Leonardo da Vinci, and there’s a term “curiositas”; mentioning how we should be inquisitive and constantly seeking new knowledge.

this is a post to remind myself that i am fortunate to have people around me who can help me in practicing my curiositas. which brings to a main point that i’ve always liked catching up with my seniors from my previous vacation job; where they would share their stories and experiences from different encounters that they have.. and very often their insights and opinions provide new perspective to things.

sometimes i do have the same feeling and view towards certain issues, but cannot quite put my finger to it.. yet very often i find myself agreeing and even finding their opinions to be relevant and wise. i guess this is something that comes with experience and age? today i met up with them again, and i am actually grateful to be able to catch up and have these conversations

case in point: sometimes it might be a good thing to slip and not perform up to expectations, because it gives you a chance to find out what has gone wrong or what you could have done better. it allows room for improvement before you reach a stagnant level because you’ve always been high achieving…

well many might think this is a common sense question, but i have to admit that sometimes being in a result oriented society. our focus may not be on the introspection and learning but more on the outcome. i guess that’s when we sometimes need a reminder or two to get us going back on the right track?

shall end this post on a positive note, i will make an attempt to sustain this wonderful friendship with my seniors and in future hopefully i can share with them my experiences and not just gain from them =)

note to self: it’s really the small things that we have to count and be grateful for, or they might just slip off your mind!


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