What if you are lost?

Revelation: The positive feeling, really only takes some simple effort and consistency to achieve~

Image Source: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/master-the-simple-science-of-positive-thinking.html

Million dollar question, right now: what if you are lost?

lost as in, conscious of not being what you used to be and not believing/practicing what you used to. it may not be a significant question to others, but i guess for yourself it is important. to me it affects your mood, then the way you think and finally your actions and how you behave as a person and towards others.

so it is an important question.

i am always asking myself, what can i do to help my lost self. it would be easy to maybe change and accept, but not necessarily happy; or one could think that it is not that difficult to find yourself again.

what got me thinking about this was one online news article that i saw about ways to be happy and something else.. i realised i have been practicing a few of those steps, but introspection tells me that i am not 100% fulfilled, perhaps it was at that point that i realised i am changing. then comes the myriad ways where we access information about the world and other people’s world and lives, admitting that i am disturbed by all these and could not help but make a comparison of what i have and does not have with the outside world.

and writing it down, gives me perspective that i am not contented. which was not the case in the past, and evidently i am not really please with that.

so i keep thinking what happens now that i know i am lost. do you ignore it and face it with condescension, allowing negativity to penetrate and grow, or do you find ways to improve your situation? one thing is for sure, by writing this down i am actually giving myself the courage to face it and no matter i succeed or not, i would have more or less made some progress.

like i always liked to do, i go on to find quotes from people that would remind and inspire me; teaching me to be contented and not needing to think of what others are thinking.

case in point, these are what i found:

“We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.” – Tony Robbins

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” -Camille Pissarro

reading these, i always remembered something i used to say, “you can be happy, anything and everything you want to be”. i guess it is time to find myself again, and this time round perhaps: “we are too insignificant and probably self absorbed, hence we do not need to be too bothered by other people’s gaze” would help in picking myself up again.

lastly, i guess by acknowledging that i am lost i have demonstrated that i have that courage to face the “bad” and somehow that courage could lead me to a solution if i allow it to and yes, i shall choose to think it the positive way because that is something that i would not like it to change or disappear =)

hopefully, people who are as lost can find their way back, with their very own special methods.. and they will become whatever it means to be happy by their own definition.

my cousin’s tweet got me writing this post too, and he tweeted something like this: “Let’s reverse that thought and start thinking that to be successful, we must be happy first. Isn’t that much more positive and motivating?” -YH Chen.

ps: sometimes i should really put myself down and accept the fact that being younger, he would sometimes see the world with eyes that are not contaminated by a rat race environment =) and that in itself is something worthy to be mentioned, not being blurred by the rat race.


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