i really…like airports

Photo Credit: theage.com.au;

I really want to go Korea, a free and easy trip.. not for the KPop craze.. but because of that place in the photo above.

Incheon International Aiport. one that has been ranked top for seven years in a row…

i’ve always been fascinated by the airports, and i like our Changi Airport (ranked third okay!)

except that Changi Airport gives you that: unless you are travelling, the whole place doesn’t feel very vibrant or relevant to you. however there is a need to understand that Changi has to cater to non-travellers too, because we have limited stuff to do in SG and it’s one of the nice place to spend time with family, hence it cannot just satisfy.. i feel that it should WOW! and i’m sure it is improving…

maybe it’s cos’ i used to go there to read and study so my sense of place for Changi is lifeless with a nice atmosphere (not intending to contradict myself, but our airport doesn’t feel very vibrant when you go there to do things as you would in a shopping centre, albeit the limited number of shops).. and so i really hope i get a chance to experience the best airport in the world.

i mean it must have that X-factor to be crowned seven years in a row right? and of course efficiency~

look! i know this place definitely exists cos i saw it in a korean drama… how nice that they incorporate flora and this place allows people to sit down.. our terminal three has lots of flora too.. but sometimes i feel that they are there solely to serve the “green” purpose and as background to take photos.. how nice if our similar flora design can be incorporated more and involve the people too…

okay, the route to boarding gates is pretty much the same for airports everywhere..

and actually i’ve heard of how Incheon incorporates retail to improve the airport’s vibrancy.. Changi has it too, but somehow it doesn’t feel very integrated.. take terminal three for instance, the basement level is dedicated to retail but the layout is a bit messy. use of warm colors kind of cramp up the place and doesn’t give it a classy feel.

i personally feel that airport should give travellers a classy feel, simply because the cost of air travel is high and our money should be made worth while.. allowing us to enjoy the place before we board the plane.

by the way, i have never believed in the rubbish that because people are excited to go abroad so they won’t pay much attention to the place where they board the plane; they are more interested in their destination.

i cannot disagree with the point of being more interested in their destination part. but i do not agree with not paying much attention… it is up to the airport to attract people’s gaze and give them something to be interested and commend on!

this is especially so for international flights. you have to check in two hours before your flight departs, and if it happens to be during dinner time i.e. 5pm-7pm, you need a good place to rest, get food with people, recharge and basically past your time. a good airport gives you all that with satisfaction, and a normal airport maybe meet your needs but don’t satisfy…

finally, i really want to go korea not just to experience the culture for once, but also to visit the airport… i mean it will be really nice for my self proclaim love of airports and this one places an airport to a whole new level. comparing it with Taiwan’s Tao Yuan Int’l Airport which just gives the feel of an “air port”, Incheon’s attempt to add versatility is commendable!

ps: the above post is solely my opinion, and i have no intention to undermine Changi Aiport which i like too. and self awareness part my post is potentially bias given that i’ve never actually step foot to Incheon Int’l Airport but saying stuff based on my impression.. but that’s for me to care… i also think Pudong Int’l Airport is nice too~


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