let’s talk about hair and identity…

What makes up your identity? i remember we touched on a similar topic during philosophy class during my first semester in school…

and having done okay for the module (i meant scrapped through and not flunk it, neither have a “just pass” grade), i naturally forgot most part of it. yet one part remains clear, we discussed something along the line of: does your look influence your identity?

and if i remember correctly, appearance plays a part in shaping one’s identity. so here comes my point, i keep asking myself this question: so which form of identity do i take up?

fundamentally, i am a student, daughter, friend, grandchild, acquaintance to some people. but one is never satisfied with just using nouns to define yourself right? at least not in my case.

anyways looking at my past photographs, i realized short hair has accompanied me through my whole life as of now. the longest my hair has ever gotten was to shoulder length, and the fringe being at the same length with my face.

fascinatingly, that was the period where many of my friends and family told me i look good in that, because i look more feminine with longer hair. yet i’m always in a conflict… so do i keep my hair longer so that i look more feminine or do i cut it short, so that i look refreshed and younger (trust me, short hair never fails to make you look younger, unless of course you chose to have it cut in the style of the 70s), albeit less feminine.

i once read a magazine interview with an artiste and she said: ladies who have had short hair finds it hard to keep them long again.

i’m not sure about others, but i actually agree with her statement. and i for once haven’t kept my hair longer than mentioned, and hence i am quite sure if i had it any longer i will not be used to it..

furthermore, albeit wanting to look feminine and being vain as i am (i will admit i am vain when it comes to looks, that explains my skin care routine and exercising to keep fit…) my character has been quite tom-boyish and maybe too independent for my own liking as well. so will a feminine look suit me? furthermore, i have always had that notion that everyone is keeping long hair, but why should i do the same?

yea, so at this point when i’m more free to think about my identity.. i am unsure of which identity i am inclined to take up.. choosing a more feminine self or sticking to my “boring” tomboyish self?

but i guess one thing is for sure, either way as long as i look good i wouldn’t mind.. for now i have set aside time for a trip down to the salon..

and if there’s a need to justify, my identity at this point is just to look young and have locks that doesn’t require much management or hinder with day-to-day activities (including dealing with the tropical weather)..

so here’s to short hair for now, with a photo of yours truly 😉

ps: i forgot to mention, one down side with keeping your hair short requires frequent visits to the hair dresser to keep your locks looking neat~


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