my scales on viewing films

This discussion popped up over lunch with my family and i realised that albeit it’s based on a life discussion of discerning people, it is actually a really applicable scale to be used on films.

we were talking about, what defines one thing to be better than others or simply what makes something stands out?

the scales of:
1) Good Looking
2) Pretty
3) Beautiful

these words came up based on how we discern a person’s appearance (okay this is a superficial analogy but really quick to understand). we all know that everyone looks unique and no two other person look the same, that is discounting plastic surgery. i have to admit that it is somewhat of elitist to focus on the best scale, but ignoring the other two.

here goes, a good looking person could be when you see him/her from a distance and there are nice and neat facial features. pretty looking person, would have the looks and really strikingly good looking. the first two scales are based on appearance; so what defines a beautiful person?

a beautiful person, we discussed has something to do with the “whole package” with value-adding qualities, that is the person need not be astonishingly good looking, but has inner qualities and a character that is enough to garner the respect and approval from others based on simply how one carries himself/herself.

so being a film junkie, i reckon the three scales are applicable too.

for instance, a good looking film will be somewhat of a block buster, with famous actors and really strong publicity stunts.

an example of a ‘good looking’ film: Rush Hour

no offence to fans of Avengers, but it has all the graphic effects and a fairly exciting plot, but you wouldn’t think much about the film after a while, it doesn’t give you much room to exercise your own interpretation.

the second scale of pretty films, could have the above and in addition there are features of nice scenes, good photography by cinematographer with visual features and technicalities.

an example of a ‘pretty’ film: Avengers

finally a beautiful film, these are my favourite. films that might not have all the best features or publicity stunts, but just power packed with decent film technicalities and exploration with good acting, but the most important factor is after watching that film, it leaves you thinking. simply said, a film that is thought provoking or a film that is gripping your emotions.

an example of a ‘beautiful film’: Departures

speaking of Departures, this is one of my favourite film. no need fancy effects, just brilliant acting and really touching plot about death and rituals. the film leaves me thinking about the morbid topic of death and such.

my two cents worth on films and their scales, of course it is really subjective but i still think it’s applicable. and personally i always go for beautiful films, which are pretty hard to find in cinemas. one other film i’m hoping to find is: The Class.



like through adolescence

I always feel the need to prove myself, to justify what i do, to gain that bit of recognition.

it gets tiring, but it need not be that right? i once read something like this in an interview, “why does it matter so much to “follow” the model of doing what is expected at certain age? i.e. attending college in late teens, start working in early adulthood. we are all adults in this world, and responsible for our own development so why must we fix a number to what we can do as we continue to improve ourselves?”

i really liked that and the idea of not having any restrictions to what we do, whether it means for fulfilling our own goals or simply doing what we want. of course gaining that recognition would be a bonus, but perhaps it is not something that we should be troubled by. or rather i should be troubled by.

enough of the need to prove; we don’t need to prove to anyone. do what we are doing or we want to do with courage, only with failure will we learn and better ourselves.

i’m learning to practice that, and so it’s time to approach things with a crystal clear mindset. set what you believe in and use them to adjust to situations, is that not the most ideal?

this is a ranting post, like going through adolescence and complaining. may this post serves as a reminder to myself, and whoever happened to pass by~


complacency destroys. do you feel that way? i do. the world around us is changing, for better or worse, because i am part of that change i cannot judge.

and they always say drama reflects life and vice versa, but what if either one affects you so much that reel life becomes a real feeling too? perhaps that’s when we learn to not think too much about it. at least i have emotions and can be affected, but i’ve always wondered what it’s like to just not be yourself, yet it doesn’t affect your real life.. role playing.

today the emotions and thoughts are all jumbled up, too much on the mind too little effort to bother arranging them… and just a poem of sorts that i wrote, it’s in Chinese.


雨天 晴天,


晴天 我的家是你的家,
雨天 让你不再迷失
每一天 希望你过得温暖。

ps: always putting the nature element in them, and always hidden behind the words are some emotions that one is afraid to spell out clearly. may we all find warmth and happiness =)

perspectives and gratefulness

I have always believed that as much as there are adversities in life or difficulties that we faces, these are equalized by good things befalling on us too. it is a matter of identifying them and being grateful for them.

because very often, the good things come in small packages that may seem insignificant compared to the negative ones, but they are definitely there.

do you ever feel that you have to constantly recharge yourself, and absorb new ideas and experiences? i recently read a book about Leonardo da Vinci, and there’s a term “curiositas”; mentioning how we should be inquisitive and constantly seeking new knowledge.

this is a post to remind myself that i am fortunate to have people around me who can help me in practicing my curiositas. which brings to a main point that i’ve always liked catching up with my seniors from my previous vacation job; where they would share their stories and experiences from different encounters that they have.. and very often their insights and opinions provide new perspective to things.

sometimes i do have the same feeling and view towards certain issues, but cannot quite put my finger to it.. yet very often i find myself agreeing and even finding their opinions to be relevant and wise. i guess this is something that comes with experience and age? today i met up with them again, and i am actually grateful to be able to catch up and have these conversations

case in point: sometimes it might be a good thing to slip and not perform up to expectations, because it gives you a chance to find out what has gone wrong or what you could have done better. it allows room for improvement before you reach a stagnant level because you’ve always been high achieving…

well many might think this is a common sense question, but i have to admit that sometimes being in a result oriented society. our focus may not be on the introspection and learning but more on the outcome. i guess that’s when we sometimes need a reminder or two to get us going back on the right track?

shall end this post on a positive note, i will make an attempt to sustain this wonderful friendship with my seniors and in future hopefully i can share with them my experiences and not just gain from them =)

note to self: it’s really the small things that we have to count and be grateful for, or they might just slip off your mind!

what you want to.

Doing something simply because you want to.

“why are you doing it?”

“you are not adequate, do you realized that?”

“what is your rationale or reason for doing (something)?”

sometimes, there is no need to explain. no right or wrong. why are we adamant on  saying things like, “if you are not first, then you are second or third, or even last.”

why the need to fix numbers and ranks? isn’t it better to put these numbers aside and just enjoy what we want to do?

you can judge for that gives you the basis to react and socialize with others, but please minimize imposing yourself on others..

because, sometimes i do things simply because i want to and enjoy doing it.

What if you are lost?

Revelation: The positive feeling, really only takes some simple effort and consistency to achieve~

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Million dollar question, right now: what if you are lost?

lost as in, conscious of not being what you used to be and not believing/practicing what you used to. it may not be a significant question to others, but i guess for yourself it is important. to me it affects your mood, then the way you think and finally your actions and how you behave as a person and towards others.

so it is an important question.

i am always asking myself, what can i do to help my lost self. it would be easy to maybe change and accept, but not necessarily happy; or one could think that it is not that difficult to find yourself again.

what got me thinking about this was one online news article that i saw about ways to be happy and something else.. i realised i have been practicing a few of those steps, but introspection tells me that i am not 100% fulfilled, perhaps it was at that point that i realised i am changing. then comes the myriad ways where we access information about the world and other people’s world and lives, admitting that i am disturbed by all these and could not help but make a comparison of what i have and does not have with the outside world.

and writing it down, gives me perspective that i am not contented. which was not the case in the past, and evidently i am not really please with that.

so i keep thinking what happens now that i know i am lost. do you ignore it and face it with condescension, allowing negativity to penetrate and grow, or do you find ways to improve your situation? one thing is for sure, by writing this down i am actually giving myself the courage to face it and no matter i succeed or not, i would have more or less made some progress.

like i always liked to do, i go on to find quotes from people that would remind and inspire me; teaching me to be contented and not needing to think of what others are thinking.

case in point, these are what i found:

“We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.” – Tony Robbins

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” -Camille Pissarro

reading these, i always remembered something i used to say, “you can be happy, anything and everything you want to be”. i guess it is time to find myself again, and this time round perhaps: “we are too insignificant and probably self absorbed, hence we do not need to be too bothered by other people’s gaze” would help in picking myself up again.

lastly, i guess by acknowledging that i am lost i have demonstrated that i have that courage to face the “bad” and somehow that courage could lead me to a solution if i allow it to and yes, i shall choose to think it the positive way because that is something that i would not like it to change or disappear =)

hopefully, people who are as lost can find their way back, with their very own special methods.. and they will become whatever it means to be happy by their own definition.

my cousin’s tweet got me writing this post too, and he tweeted something like this: “Let’s reverse that thought and start thinking that to be successful, we must be happy first. Isn’t that much more positive and motivating?” -YH Chen.

ps: sometimes i should really put myself down and accept the fact that being younger, he would sometimes see the world with eyes that are not contaminated by a rat race environment =) and that in itself is something worthy to be mentioned, not being blurred by the rat race.

i really…like airports

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I really want to go Korea, a free and easy trip.. not for the KPop craze.. but because of that place in the photo above.

Incheon International Aiport. one that has been ranked top for seven years in a row…

i’ve always been fascinated by the airports, and i like our Changi Airport (ranked third okay!)

except that Changi Airport gives you that: unless you are travelling, the whole place doesn’t feel very vibrant or relevant to you. however there is a need to understand that Changi has to cater to non-travellers too, because we have limited stuff to do in SG and it’s one of the nice place to spend time with family, hence it cannot just satisfy.. i feel that it should WOW! and i’m sure it is improving…

maybe it’s cos’ i used to go there to read and study so my sense of place for Changi is lifeless with a nice atmosphere (not intending to contradict myself, but our airport doesn’t feel very vibrant when you go there to do things as you would in a shopping centre, albeit the limited number of shops).. and so i really hope i get a chance to experience the best airport in the world.

i mean it must have that X-factor to be crowned seven years in a row right? and of course efficiency~

look! i know this place definitely exists cos i saw it in a korean drama… how nice that they incorporate flora and this place allows people to sit down.. our terminal three has lots of flora too.. but sometimes i feel that they are there solely to serve the “green” purpose and as background to take photos.. how nice if our similar flora design can be incorporated more and involve the people too…

okay, the route to boarding gates is pretty much the same for airports everywhere..

and actually i’ve heard of how Incheon incorporates retail to improve the airport’s vibrancy.. Changi has it too, but somehow it doesn’t feel very integrated.. take terminal three for instance, the basement level is dedicated to retail but the layout is a bit messy. use of warm colors kind of cramp up the place and doesn’t give it a classy feel.

i personally feel that airport should give travellers a classy feel, simply because the cost of air travel is high and our money should be made worth while.. allowing us to enjoy the place before we board the plane.

by the way, i have never believed in the rubbish that because people are excited to go abroad so they won’t pay much attention to the place where they board the plane; they are more interested in their destination.

i cannot disagree with the point of being more interested in their destination part. but i do not agree with not paying much attention… it is up to the airport to attract people’s gaze and give them something to be interested and commend on!

this is especially so for international flights. you have to check in two hours before your flight departs, and if it happens to be during dinner time i.e. 5pm-7pm, you need a good place to rest, get food with people, recharge and basically past your time. a good airport gives you all that with satisfaction, and a normal airport maybe meet your needs but don’t satisfy…

finally, i really want to go korea not just to experience the culture for once, but also to visit the airport… i mean it will be really nice for my self proclaim love of airports and this one places an airport to a whole new level. comparing it with Taiwan’s Tao Yuan Int’l Airport which just gives the feel of an “air port”, Incheon’s attempt to add versatility is commendable!

ps: the above post is solely my opinion, and i have no intention to undermine Changi Aiport which i like too. and self awareness part my post is potentially bias given that i’ve never actually step foot to Incheon Int’l Airport but saying stuff based on my impression.. but that’s for me to care… i also think Pudong Int’l Airport is nice too~