Today’s a really fulfilling day, went for GS monthly outing (my first) and i learnt a lot.. or rather i know more know, and it’s really nice going on an excursion with a group of friends =) the area we explored is near URA, Duxton area.

came across a bookstore, “Littered with Books”, a very personal establishment, and a cosy place and space! i bought an art book. it’s the works of Sempe, i’ve heard of him but never really in touch with his cartoons. i guess today has been a really nice day because i bought a cartoon book, “The Musicians”. purely cartoons, so it’s really up to the readers to interpret in my opinion.

he kept the drawings simple and different meanings can be interpreted, so you have a say in what you read =) that’s something nice about art, there is really no right or wrong, but just there for people to enjoy!

i wanted to look for two books that i’ve been trying to find, but they are out of print so i guess at this point i can only get them online.. hopefully amazon has it.

and i don’t know what to say anymore.


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