What do you call this?

Geosphere 2012, Geography, aLIVE! 

Our baby is finally out! A journey full of ups and downs, yet along the way we received support that only a family can give and our ties strengthen =)

couldn’t have done it without great help from mummy flora, always keeping us on our toes, guiding us and coming to our rescue whenever we need her! esther for being such a rock as she has always been and mun kidd being part of the team and supporting in any way he could. of course there’s also great ah ma nadine and wen bin for helping with the cover page~ i guess thank you is not sufficient to express how i feel but nevertheless i am really thankful, for it wouldn’t be such a success without all our collective effort =) *shall not make it sound like an editorial~

The Team, plus Isaac whom we had great fun “trolling” him… 

GC finals finally ended and am really happy for GCOC and basically the whole team, i had fun on sat and despite not showing, geography dept is indeed one big family and i am proud to be part of all this =D and of course after which we return to reality..

i guess i still have withdrawal effects but i am sure it will get better..life goes on and after that we shall welcome FIC planning and execution!

what an exciting experience and journey, filled with gratitude and i have truly learnt a lot from the people i worked with~

and lastly… 凡事不要想的太复杂,手握的太紧,东西会碎,手会疼。所以平常心,放轻松


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