I wasn’t talented, mine was a nurture>nature experience, yet she didn’t give up on me. i began at age seven or eight, i couldn’t remember. the initial intention was to get me settled down as a child9i was atrociously mischievous and perhaps violent), and honestly i was clueless that i was a piano player until i was about 11. for four years i was just in a daze, playing like a robot, from being disinterested to gradually liking what i am doing.

yet she didn’t blame me for not working hard enough or putting in enough effort, she wanted to nurture me so that it could come naturally to me, one day. and that day could come quick, it could come slowly. i know it is time to show her that her effort paid off, and i was determined not to disappoint her again.

then came the second time her vision was affected, yet she was so natural and so seasoned that she could tell even by listening. i do not want to lose her as a teacher or a grandmother figure. please get well soon, i have no idea how to express my concern for her but i hope to show her that i have a warm feeling towards her, and now i am determined to show it through my music.


又一次的视力衰退 拜托快点好起来,我还没有向您展示我在您身上真的学习到了。
我 不善于表达,但是我想通过我的文字、通过有音乐让您感受到。


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