Busy busy! hehe…

i think these two are my favourite expression now. ask me and i’ll say busy busy… tell me anything i’ll respond with hehe first… and yes 31st is coming and before that i’m looking forward to 29th when it’s finally out!

to prepare for the 31st, the girls and i went to haji lane and bought our outfits for finals. to answer “popular” request and of course to follow the dress code, i bought a dress. honestly speaking i seldom wear a dress because i don’t have much sense in picking a nice one, and the one bought yesterday was also partly chosen by my friends… hehe and i guess there’s always a start to everything. perhaps the way to go is to embrace what comes your way =)

after which was “Song Fa Bak Kut Teh”, haven’t had a really nice one in ages… it’s really nicer than most and of course i think the best is still the one i went a few years back in Balestier. thanks to 46th for many “first time”~

and here’s a random one…



可是 因为不一样的人所以必须让他们认识你。

PS: the attitude matters, 放好心态吧!


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