The Lady

Haven’t been to the theatres for a couple of months and that to me, feels like a hiatus from watching movies.. not exactly a movie junkie because as much as i love watching movies, i am quite fussy.. the movie has to speak to me and of course the experience is always most enjoyable alone.

sorry to many out there who don’t watch movies alone. i reckon watching movies is not a social activity. i think when you’re in the theatres, you should give all your attention to the film.. absorb it and do justice to it. even if you don’t enjoy the plot but once you bought the ticket, at least give it all your attention and focus =)

having said that, after a friend of mine recommended “The Lady” to me in passing, his one statement made me determined to squeeze time out to watch it, “看了会让你哭的那种戏” (the kind of film that can make you tear/cry)

it’s about Aung San Suu Kyi (pronounced ong-san-soo-chee) and before the film, my only knowledge of this lady was she’s a Burmese and advocates democracy and under house arrest.

the house arrest part is over, i learnt about it after a quick read up on her after the film. so what’s good about it? Michelle Yeoh and “Daw Suu” –> howAung San Suu Kyi is affectionately known. the character is very piercing and it’s quite indescribable except, yes you will cry after the film. even if you didn’t you’ll be touched by it.

thumbs up to Michelle Yeoh, she has always been a great actress and i have all the admiration for her, it’s her best portrayal yet. a story of loyalty, family, love and sacrifice.

as a reminder to myself  and any passer-by who has affinity with this online diary, here’s the trailer:

PS: i have a confession, i went to catch it not just because i want to watch it.. it’s sort of an escape from doing my essays and i’ve never regretted. now i shall find that courage to complete it. note to self: be strong and finish what you set out to do~


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