Out of touch

Practice makes perfect. although there really is no perfection in this world, or maybe perfection is in itself a subjective concept. but i guess having more practice is of no harm too, and the same goes for communication? once you are out of touch with something or someone, it is just hard to get it back.

i feel kind of sad and guilty for not being able to communicate better or as a matter of fact not even trying to communicate when i am at home. perhaps it is the idea that i am tired, and deep down i just hope that they can understand me even without me saying it out.

one other thing would be being out of touch with like “normal” life… haven’t been touching the papers for ages and seeing as how i’m living in school, the only time for me to catch up with the news would be the weekends spent at home. not that i mind about not reading the papers, it is just the idea of losing touch with my routine. i guess it is time to adapt to a new routine and i am actually slowly getting use to the routine i am keeping. perhaps just one part which i am quite desperate to change: keeping late nights and not making use of the time i have to accomplish more tasks.

life after geosphere seems empty, it may not be a smooth or carefree journey but it was a period where i learnt a lot and a period where i realised introspection is very important. of course it was also during this period where i realised, 46 is a community that i would never want to lose even when we might not work together in the future.

last but not least, filling up sep application is like a leap of faith.. previously it was a case of not exactly sure if i know what i want, and now that i do know what i want, i am not sure if i can actually get it. i guess that is how things go and perfection is overrated. hopefully by the end of it all things will turn out fine and i honestly am not particular about where to go for exchange. my end in mind is just to break away from the S’pore system and environment and immerse myself in a new experience, after all what i’ve learnt about myself back in those solo weeks in China mounts up to more than what i learnt in my entire education life.

may everyone i care about, who cares about me be blessed with happiness and things will always turn out fine. just don’t be out of touch with positive thinking, i am getting it back too!


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