have you ever, gotten hold of a magazine or publication. look at it, judge it by its cover and tossed it aside after you’ve decided it was uninteresting? 

answering my own question, i have. yet today i’ve a revelation, it’s a sincere thought and promise that next time when i pick up a magazine or publication, i will at least give it my attention. to flip the pages, read the editorial, read the contents page. 

because behind every publication, there is a team putting in effort. behind it was not a simple task nor was it a smooth sailing journey. behind it are the many considerations for the publication, multiple checking, multiple input and down to the smallest detail. all of one team’s effort to make their “baby” turn out perfect, or near perfect. 

and i think it’s too early for me to reflect but behind the above, all i want to say is… i respect publications teams.

next time i pick up a publication, i will think twice and give it my due attention; for it meant acknowledging the sincere effort that contributes to its success. 


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