the last stretch~

it was happy, it was sad. 

it was tough, it was easy (at times).

it was enjoyable, it was annoying. 

it was a bittersweet journey. 

my journey has not ended, but the end is near. sometimes words are the only thing that can express how you feel; yet some things, words are not sufficient to describe. 

however indescribable,gratitude is the word. regret? not really, but it was a lesson learnt – of making use of time; of starting anew; of going back to the beginning, after all has ended. life goes one. but it will be good i hope, i must believe. 

and step by step, we move on… holding on the memories that are bittersweet, that shape us who we are, that gives us new perspectives on things. always, life goes one =) 


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