pick yourself up and dust yourself off

“If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed”

whirlwind of things coming my way, it may be okay for some people but i do find it a little overwhelming for myself. so much so as resorting to using quotes to remind myself and keep me going. to have the courage.

to each his own. and so i guess this is the time a little introspection kicks in and we realised: try and don’t judge anyone, try and don’t impose your thoughts and value system on anyone. easier said than done, but try.

of course that doesn’t necessary translate to being empathetic. and empathy is, in my opinion, the best virtue.

i am ranting again, but at least it will make sense to someone i hope. if it doesn’t at least it made sense to myself haha!

watched a documentary, not heart breaking but sad enough and i’m reminded of something: pick yourself up and dust yourself off; simply because others had it worse.

ps: sunflowers to lift the mood =)


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