What Lies Beneath Running.

You know how there are moments where you regret what you’ve chosen? because it didn’t turn out as how you’ve expected it to be? i will whine here, despite really not having time; because i might just end up feeling better and not be caught in a web of negativity.

in any case, yea i’m experiencing that regret now. of course i know the right thing to do is to accept it, and make a better situation out of it. after all life isn’t a bed of roses and whoever said what we perceive to be will be the same as reality?

this is a lesson i must learn, a time i must be responsible for. because i chose it, i don’t give up. nevertheless i shall whine here and then move on.

yes we’re all busy. assignments, revision, mid-terms and commitments. why is it that some of us can commit and do our part, sacrificing our leisure time/ revision time etc. and then there are others who seem to be never in the situation? as if everything will turn out alright?

the only reason why things are alright is because other people are doing the work of another. it may be true to a large extend and it may not be true to a very minimal extent; but this is the feeling i get. and of course there’s whining. not that we cannot whine, but there are others who are also worried but they are not whining. why can’t we just let actions do the talking instead of just verbally expressing and then not do anything. maybe it’s time to try harder.

and having said that it might be harsh sounding, but recently something i read from Definitions really helps a lot in addressing such a situation.

“You have the prerogative to waste your own time, just do not impose on mine.” – Jeanette Aw.

well said. it is so true, why impose on others. even if you did at least do something to salvage the situation or try to overwrite the wrong stuff. fortunately i have decided to spare myself from that misery of seeing whining, somehow =)

was suppose to talk about how running gives me endorphin and let me have a clearer perspectives and stuff.. but i end up typing down all frustrations. at least i attempted to maintain my sanity and of course life goes on!

hang tough, prevail, don’t let yourself down.

okay whatever, i’m done ranting.


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