music. musings. muster.

music heals the soul. when you’re tired listen to music. i love Titanic. the movie is romantic, the plot is awesome. the history is something that is tragic, but Titanic’s maiden voyage is undeniably one that gives people hope.

i want to visit the Titanic exhibition at Art Science Museum. i want. i hope. i can?

musings. yes writing heals the soul. sometimes when you pen it down, the frustrations within disappears as we pen something down too. at least when i pen something down.

whirlwind week, month and the upcoming month (March) too.

i shall always remember, “When life throws us lemons, make lemonade.” “Because you chose to do it, you don’t give up.”

and so shall once again muster the courage to face everything, and stand tall and proud at the end; knowing i’ve carved out a path for myself.

tell yourself you can do it and somehow you will.


One thought on “music. musings. muster.

  1. Admirable spirit. It takes courage to face reality, courage that not everyone has. Whatever difficulties that come at you, i hope that you are able weather through it all and witness the rainbow on the other side.

    I have always thought that penning down thoughts relieves the soul because in the act of seeking to articulate it through a medium, we are forced to think through whatever it is we seek to compose about in order to make it easier to understand and for readers (whomever they may be) to relate to. As such, it tends us to help straighten our thoughts and clears that tangled mass of thoughts and emotions within us.

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