Don’t Start.

I’ve always reminded myself, if you’re unsure of something don’t start.

if you’ve made a choice stick with it, because it’s your choice you shouldn’t abandon it.

hence up to this point, when i am still unsure and not confident of something, i don’t start. simply, i have no wish to hurt anyone and no wish to make it a bad experience. call me timid, i’m just playing safe. maybe all tauruses play safe?

and for everyone who tolerated and stood by me, thank you =)

PS: this is perhaps an overdue post, one typed out of a whim just to get away from work.

i think i just found my favourite all time song. maybe it ties in with what i said not starting something i’m not confident of?

yet actually i enjoy this song simply because of the emotions, how real Adele did it, with all honesty =) best song of 2011 i think, though we’re already in 2012…


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