In others’ shoes

What do you seek in life?

i don’t know what i seek, you can call me indecisive, call me heartless, call me an unfeeling creature.

but before you do that, there is something you should know. i am adamant about one thing – keeping myself grounded.

when it all gets too fast, too nice, too bad, too slow. everything that puts me off balance, i look back. i find that ground that i’m suppose to stand on, i do anything to get it back.

if you were in my shoes you would have known. you would have understand. you would learn too.

just like if i were in your shoes, i would know. i would feel the same thing as you. i would learn from you.

and always we don’t. sadly, we never pause and look back. we don’t put ourselves in people’s shoes. maybe it’s right to forget the past, live in the present and not worry about the future.

still, sometimes to live in the present you have to look back, to see what you can do to maximize your present, plan for the future (so you don’t worry when you have a plan)

and if we knew about all the “if i had known earlier” moments, what is the point of learning.

i am grounded, and if you are grounded don’t let it be taken away.


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