Back to nothing.

Just back from chalet and it was fun, the times spent together with friends =)

and just one more thing, i’m getting darker again… cycled 23.6km with Jocelyn, Esther, Crystal and Alvin… JUST FOR LUNCH

great experience, test of your stamina, speed and determination on a seemingly never ending stretch of road. at that point i really didn’t know where we’re heading , except that we have to keep on cycling to get somewhere.

get somewhere. i guess it’s part of my goal in life, get somewhere, wherever that makes me happy and fulfilled.

got all the geog modules i want and then i’m almost ready for the new semester. randomly i thought about my experience taking Literature in JC, and hope maybe i should use the same approach now.

i remember knowing nothing about Lit. then gradually knowing something and that something still sticks with me now.. so maybe it’s not a good idea knowing all the Geog. stuff before hand?

it might help you, or it might blind you about possible approaches and new perspectives to the subject, all because you already have  pre-conceived notions.

of course it wouldn’t happen if you’re sharp enough, but i know i’m not. so i will stick with who i am and maybe take that new approach: back to nothing.

and recently, i’ve allowed other matters to overwhelmed what was initially the highlight in my short life. right now it’s back to nothing, i will take this new approach,get back that highlight and begin a new and hopefully better semester. it has to get better.




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