sometimes things seem easy.

sometimes people are nice.

sometimes things/people are not how/who they really are.

so many sometimes;

maybe we should have more faith, always.

maybe we should enjoy the moment, always.

yet it’s easier said than done, always.

actually at a comfortable point in my life, but maybe not too comfortable because i want everything and everyone to be happy. which is too perfect to be true, yes i don’t believe in perfection.

and i hope no one is hurt because i am still learning to adapt and maybe change some ways which i’m so used to for 19 years.



Another song I like, I actually went to watch the drama because of the song haha.. of course that was during the holidays.

apparently the sequel 《宫2》 is out tomorrow! i guess recently the Chinese entertainment is really good, actually they have always been better than local =)

new year is coming soon, hope for a new start and new beginning.. and of course a new hair to welcome the new year! may everyone be happy, healthy and fulfilled, of course everything goes on smoothly too!

and i like to cut my hair, another classmate thought i was depressed/out of love/spontaneous/some other reason…

PS: my friends say it looks like helmet hair, haha but i think it’s very comfortable! maybe i’ll keep it long when i have the mood =)

愿 一切安好、健康、快乐。

Job/Career Referral

I think my future is secured and i have a job upon graduation.

but i know that the dream job i want is one that brings me to places, allows me to eat and experience. i think i have less regards about earning a lot, as long as there is enough for me to have a comfortable life it’s enough.

back to the dream job. it is sort of like a travelling reporter? well not to report, but one that gives me capacity to share my experiences with people – about the countries and places i visit. sharing of my reflection (then again who wants to listen)

nevertheless is there such a job? i want to make it my career, so if you know tell me.

In others’ shoes

What do you seek in life?

i don’t know what i seek, you can call me indecisive, call me heartless, call me an unfeeling creature.

but before you do that, there is something you should know. i am adamant about one thing – keeping myself grounded.

when it all gets too fast, too nice, too bad, too slow. everything that puts me off balance, i look back. i find that ground that i’m suppose to stand on, i do anything to get it back.

if you were in my shoes you would have known. you would have understand. you would learn too.

just like if i were in your shoes, i would know. i would feel the same thing as you. i would learn from you.

and always we don’t. sadly, we never pause and look back. we don’t put ourselves in people’s shoes. maybe it’s right to forget the past, live in the present and not worry about the future.

still, sometimes to live in the present you have to look back, to see what you can do to maximize your present, plan for the future (so you don’t worry when you have a plan)

and if we knew about all the “if i had known earlier” moments, what is the point of learning.

i am grounded, and if you are grounded don’t let it be taken away.

Be Someone. Be Yourself.

Be someone who listens, and you will be heard.
Be someone who cares, and you will be loved.
Be someone who gives, and you will be blessed.
Be someone who comforts, and you will know peace.
Be someone who genuinely seeks to understand, and you will be wise.
Be someone kind, someone considerate, and you will be admired.
Be someone who values truth, and you will be respected.
Be someone who takes action, and you will move life forward.
Be someone who lifts others higher, and your life will be rich.
Be someone filled with gratitude, and there will be no end to the things which you’ll be thankful.
Be someone who lives with joy, with purpose, as your own light brightly shines.
Be, in every moment, the special someone you are truly meant to be.

i once read this quote that says, “Every day requires our full participation and constant appetite for life.” i thank my friend, mentor, teacher, sister, elder for sharing this image with me.

she reminded me to: Be yourself, a person who seeks to give his/her best in everything and to everyone.

ever so kind and i truly believe, one who honours others will in return honour oneself.

PS: sorry i couldn’t find the original website for this image, just that something meaningful should be shared regardless of anything.

Back to nothing.

Just back from chalet and it was fun, the times spent together with friends =)

and just one more thing, i’m getting darker again… cycled 23.6km with Jocelyn, Esther, Crystal and Alvin… JUST FOR LUNCH

great experience, test of your stamina, speed and determination on a seemingly never ending stretch of road. at that point i really didn’t know where we’re heading , except that we have to keep on cycling to get somewhere.

get somewhere. i guess it’s part of my goal in life, get somewhere, wherever that makes me happy and fulfilled.

got all the geog modules i want and then i’m almost ready for the new semester. randomly i thought about my experience taking Literature in JC, and hope maybe i should use the same approach now.

i remember knowing nothing about Lit. then gradually knowing something and that something still sticks with me now.. so maybe it’s not a good idea knowing all the Geog. stuff before hand?

it might help you, or it might blind you about possible approaches and new perspectives to the subject, all because you already have  pre-conceived notions.

of course it wouldn’t happen if you’re sharp enough, but i know i’m not. so i will stick with who i am and maybe take that new approach: back to nothing.

and recently, i’ve allowed other matters to overwhelmed what was initially the highlight in my short life. right now it’s back to nothing, i will take this new approach,get back that highlight and begin a new and hopefully better semester. it has to get better.




2nd day/3rd day of 2012, so far it has been okay.

friends around me kept making resolutions and asked what was mine, i answered without hesitation.. it’s just three words 快乐健康充实。。。

i think these three words are enough for me.. and in any case when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. i guess i’m ready for what’s coming my way.

ps: when doing something, put your heart to it =)