The Happy Student?

I was given a book by my dad, it’s about steps to being a happy student.

to be really honest, i was really skeptical, what constitutes happiness? the author’s notion of happiness might not be mine, or maybe what he is referring to is very general and not particularly applicable to me?

then when I start reading, it’s another over-achiever writing the book.. skeptical me again, but the points he raised are applicable, in any case i will continue to read and maybe my perception of the book will change.

yet I know it’s not enough to make me feel a ‘personal touch’ with it, maybe i am reading it fearing that i’m missing out something? maybe people read it due to the same reason as me? then how does it break down the wall of ‘merely pursuing grades at all costs’ which the book is trying to do?

yes i shall give myself and the author a chance.

i guess what I really want to say is, happiness has a different definition for everyone. i certainly don’t wish to refer to an external outlet to discover my happiness although it could be a guidance or reminder when i’m off track. at this point regardless of what people say, my happiness is…



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