i lit up!

I was watching this info-entertainment show this morning and one of the interviewees mentioned her career in the theatre gave her purpose in life.

one statement made by her was: “我早上起来整个人是亮的!我的心是笑着的。”

wow! then i realized this morning i actually woke up with the same feeling. it’s such that you feel as if you are ready to overcome and face anything that is coming your way, good or bad.

it got me thinking perhaps it’s cos’ i am flying off for a short getaway tomorrow, not a very significant one but nevertheless an important one for me. haven’t i been waiting to take a flight and be away from the hectic environment?and i have been motivating myself through the first semester..

of course then a second layer of thought came to me, i am privileged to have the chance to be on a plane and go on a holiday.. somewhere out there someone hasn’t taken a plane before and is probably taking up a vacation job. so i’m thankful that i can be a “空中飞人” (V)

in any case, it’s wonderful to have the feeling that I LIT UP~


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