a moment.

Watching Meteor Garden (Taiwan).. fond memories of that show, not really about the plot. more of how momo got me to be serious with my work, and the show as a motivation..

the day of the trip is near and somehow i have this mixed feeling… happy because of the break and apprehension as it’s not a complete one.

why the excitement when you didn’t intend it to be a complete one. someone will always feel left out, and it’s not suppose to happen. or maybe when two people with different ideals can never reach consensus.

maybe only i know how it feels, and i can only pen it down and hopefully calm down. after this i want to be strong and make a resolution/a motivation/a goal…

one day i will make it complete, and if it isn’t the least is hope that one can be happy again.

can meteor showers really make your wish come true?



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