Just done my first round of module preference exercise, still a bit of apprehension with what modules to take..

recently read an article on stress, and in the article it mentioned one of the responses to handling stress is to binge on comfort food. the aftermath is burnt out  feeling and moodiness..

and so i realized it happened to me! binge one comfort food during exams with my GS buddies haha great experience but i’m having that aftermath.. nothing seems to lift up my mood, not even  Rochor Beancurd~ maybe it’s just the aching of my cheeks..

so far the days have been great, not too stretched out and with the company of family it’s even better =) the joy in life can always be so simple~

enough of ranting, realized i haven’t been writing constructive things.. just really mundane and lengthy stuff.. oh wells

here’s a reminder…
– 几米漫画集 (微博)

‘恐惧失去不如分秒必争的快乐。真好转给所有不快乐的人,生老病死痛苦流泪我们每个人都要经历,只有快乐,我们可以选择’ (Y)


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