Signs of deprivation: dreamt of eating ice cream while i was napping. it’s Chocolate flavour and made from soymilk (so i won’t get tummy upset).. after coughing for so long, i couldn’t care less.. maybe it’s time to not care so much and take ice cream. *cross fingers i won’t cough*

back to the topic on deprivation, after wisdom tooth surgery there’s really an important lesson learnt.. our teeth is very important, without it any single delicacy will taste blend and mediocre.

enough of ranting, shall go grab a book and enter my own world. maybe i’m deprived of reading too, especially since semester started back in August. sometimes i just like to hide and be away from others, and that’s when my book allows me to be “自闭“ again =)

the first snow has “arrived” in Beijing, hope the weather in Singapore will continue to be breezy and less erratic.. and of course please let the weather be good in Southern China too!

Happy Holidays to people who care and whom i care, if they can see..


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