This Season!


Exams finally ended and my first sem ended too.. hope i’ve done enough to adapt to uni. and also reap my desired results.

in any case i like this sem… the ups and downs of school life, making new friends and more affirmed of my major. that it is something i like and will grow to like even more as i am being exposed to new knowledge.

be it good or bad, i think i have given my best in adapting and hope things will get better. after all it’s the power of attraction (V)

for now it’s time to enjoy this holiday season and catch up on movies with family and friends.. and of course the long awaited “Sing-K” session with my friends.

happy holidays and for everything, there is always time for a smile and effort to think on the bright side.


PS: actually i’m still unsure of something, but i guess time will tell…


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