photo of one of my favourite flowers to begin this post!

first there’s 1/11/11 then the official one is 11/11/11, which is today.

there are many things associated with this day. Chinese call it 光棍节 to celebrate or feel sad about being single,alternatively they also call it 六一节(six ones)which is actually Children’s Day in China, Koreans call it “Pepero Day” and eat Pocky, finally Science and Math people think it’s a once in a lifetime magical moment.

anyways apparently at the sacred moment of 11.11am on this day, whatever wish you make will come true. i shall not burst the bubble, but somehow couldn’t help expressing my thoughts..

let’s say every single one of seven billion people on Earth makes a wish at that moment, what are the chances of these wishes coming true? so my personal opinion is it’s a special day with a very nice number, but i don’t believe in gaining something without giving.

whether it’s 11/11/11 or not.. i think the most important thing is staying true to yourself and be thankful for witnessing every moment in your life.. at least i’m trying or still learning 呵呵


PS: for everything and anything挤眼


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