It’s 1st November 2011! a very nice day because of the nice number… apparently if you make a wish at 11.11am on this day your wish will come true? well i rather not believe it.. cos it’ll be insignificant if you gain without giving..

actually i didn’t realize it’s 1st Nov until during my tutorial when i wrote down the date. well have to admit it’s really easy to remember(the number) and hopefully the month will be as nice too!

a nice month should have more happiness, confidence, no time wasted and achievements that satisfy our own expectations.

of course no matter how great or bad things are, they will always become a thing of the past. so on 1st November 2011 (1/11/11) i just want to remind myself to cherish the good moments and move on from the bad ones.

after all there is a Chinese phrase that goes like this:
everything is nothing or all things are of no consequences just like floating clouds; and i guess it makes sense with the passing of time =)

PS: retain and be guided by that optimism in you!


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