Watched “Puss in Boots” with momo and sis, was expecting more but it’s not exactly bad, just very monotonous.. hmm the kittens in the movie are really cute though =)

somehow my expectations for movies are really weird(maybe high); i’m always seeking that “introspective” element in movies.. really hard, and when it isn’t there i don’t feel satisfied.

oh well, maybe i should go missing for a couple of days too.. just like how movies are missing that “special element”. or maybe with swollen cheeks i don’t even have to do anything or be anywhere!

i have no idea why i am ranting in the middle of the night; maybe something is truly missing, and will continue to be so for weeks…




三样东西最考验爱情:距离、时间、亲情。有多少感情,因为距离的遥远,慢慢变淡 ;有多少感情,因为时间的遥远,慢慢遗忘 ;有多少感情,因为亲情的干预,慢慢消失。——是你的,就是你的。越是紧握,越容易失去。我们努力了,珍惜了,问心无愧。其他的,交给命运。

Never in Idling Mode…

I realize i’m seldom in the idling mode of not doing anything, reading a book does count as idling to me..

just extracted wisdom teeth and my cheeks are swollen, painful but i just don’t feel like sleeping the pain away. hence not in idle mode hmmm.. anyways here’s to an unglam photo~ i call it 拔牙充胖子… hahaha!

PS: 一切安好。


在微博上看到的。。。 好有趣啊,感觉好像也很准确

”你的星座是冷是热:白羊座(外冷内热)、金牛座(外冷内热)、双子座(外热内冷)、巨蟹座(忽冷忽热)、狮子座(外热内冷)、处女座(外冷内热)、天秤座(不冷不热)、天蝎座(外冷内热)、射手座(外热内冷)、摩羯座(不冷不热)、水瓶座(忽冷忽热)、双鱼座(不冷不热 )“

This Season!


Exams finally ended and my first sem ended too.. hope i’ve done enough to adapt to uni. and also reap my desired results.

in any case i like this sem… the ups and downs of school life, making new friends and more affirmed of my major. that it is something i like and will grow to like even more as i am being exposed to new knowledge.

be it good or bad, i think i have given my best in adapting and hope things will get better. after all it’s the power of attraction (V)

for now it’s time to enjoy this holiday season and catch up on movies with family and friends.. and of course the long awaited “Sing-K” session with my friends.

happy holidays and for everything, there is always time for a smile and effort to think on the bright side.


PS: actually i’m still unsure of something, but i guess time will tell…

Fly away fly


Random thought: It’s all in the mind… Happiness, enjoyment etc.

It’s always nice to see the world…

Maybe it applies to you (the reader that is) and me too… Honestly I can’t wait till when I fly~

Anyways gotta get past this week with faith and enjoy it first.. TC.





人都不愿意长大,所以当你可以再次找回回忆时会特别珍惜 =)