Sweet. Savory.

20111030-112645.jpgFinished a book while on the go… trains, buses, trains.

not exactly a book that got me addicted, but the story is quite interesting. although it’s titled sweetness, literally two flavors were presented in the book.. in the form of two very similar yet different characters.

of course there’s a lady savior and the story ended well, but sort of an anti-climax.. nevertheless it was interesting, although i was expecting more material that would allow introspection..

interesting how we use metaphors to represent us… even flavors can represent someone’s mood and looks? maybe mine is just mildly sweet and blend.. once again in a unexplained state of irony…

PS: and i never understood myself, because after a week i still remember stories that evoked my emotions…

微笑的十个理由:1.微笑让你更有魅力 2.微笑改变心情 3.微笑会传染 4.微笑减轻压力 5.微笑增强免疫系统 6.微笑降低血压 7.微笑能生成内啡肽天然的镇痛物质和复合胺 8.微笑能美容,让你看起来更年轻。 9.微笑使你看上去是成功人士 10.微笑帮助你保持乐观积极。


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