pleasant encounters…

once again i never thought that i have much encounters with pleasant things. not because of anything, just that i don’t think i ever seek them on purpose. by pleasant things i’ll be referring to new perspectives/encounters/feelings i thought to be interesting.

so…. surprisingly, i actually paid attention to certain emails in my nus email account. that excludes the compulsory emails from my modules of course. i guess i am referring to the emails with information about Provost’s blog.

as of now i rarely miss the new blog posts, and being “geekish” i find Provost’s blog posts really insightful for me as a student.. and so i count that as a pleasant encounter.

another pleasant encounter would be visit to Senoko Power Plant. it’s compulsory to attend the field trips for a module i took and i always find that fortunately it’s only two of such field trips.

yet after today’s visit i do admit that i am lucky to be able to attend these field trips, that would otherwise be unavailable to me if i hadn’t picked this module.

after visiting Senoko Power Plant it’s really nice and i gained new insights into our country’s energy use and production, not a wasted trip. one last thing i got out of today’s field trip was from a question and answer session..

one of my course mate asked the tour guide on reducing the electricity bills at home? the guide’s answer was simple, he said, “with the costs of living rising, it is wise to start saving every cent and start early. the easiest guideline is to know that appliances taking up the most electricity are the ones running on motor (something along that line). so the most expensive appliance is air-con, it runs on a compressor.”

actually it’s a widely known fact, and previously i definitely value comfort over other things and hence largely ignored my parents’ reminder. then again hearing it from the horse’s mouth is more convincing and direct too..

when i get home i shall put in place the practice of reducing my use of air-con.. trying to take the first step in saving money at home!

note to self: typing in English seems to be less “fluent”, time to polish up my writing skills.. hopefully i get both languages right =)


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