Not really sure why am i blogging at such a late, or should i say exceptionally early hour? in any case since i’m rather awake, i shall finish typing and make this a nice diary entry.

ever got intimidated by something or someone, simply because it appears to be really better than yourself and what you expect? in the sense that it comes across as out of your league.

perhaps, it might just come across as confrontational or packaged to impress…

whatever the case, maybe one can learn to look beyond and look past the surface. give it a close examination and eventually time will tell whether it is what it appears to be. really cliche saying but that’s why they are cliche, because they make sense =)

maybe, what i’m trying to convey from the above sums up with:

lastly, something that i ought to always remember and strive for,or maybe continue with…
“要学会简单,你对世界简单了,世界也就不会太复杂。” -取自微博 


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