of time and rambles

a super random post after that i’m going to rest, officially dying after not getting enough rest. school is taking away time for recuperating.

anyways this thing just crept into my mind over a comment i saw.. it’s something to do with not having enough time for everything and not making an effort to do so. well actually it’s a fact with hectic lifestyles and etc.

then again of course people can say that’s because you cannot be bothered to manage your time properly for everything to be done. actually i seriously think that no one free of not planning their time properly and perhaps only a minority is doing everything that they’re suppose to do or can do.

so as a person who might not be a time-Alec, i just want to say maybe there is no fault in not squeezing out time, when you have to balance your commitments with life’s necessities i.e. sleeping, eating.

and a sarcastic saying: “actually when we say no time, it’s obvious that we prioritize some things over others, then why comment on the obvious?”

that’s to say if someone tells you no time, why not just leave it at that? since that person has already shown you that something is not a priority, what’s the point in harping on it? in doing so it might just make you feel more angry?

PS: just two cents worth and seriously, i’m rambling to myself. not surprise if this post doesn’t make any sense.


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