Letter to Blemishes

Dear Blemish,

This letter is written because i experienced revelation. realizing that “you” have hurt me in the past, sometimes you exploit my ignorance and hurt me without me knowing it.

And when i do, only to realize it is too late and then i felt like there’s a blemish. However maybe perhaps, you’re just here to torment me on purpose? i shall not let you do that. if i continue to be reminded of you and wallow in self pity, have self doubt and even affect my confidence level, you would have succeeded.

maybe you do not feel the hurt i felt, after all you were the one gaining enjoyment at the expense of my suffering and misery?

i hope one day you will also reach a revelation, and somehow, someday, sometime find a chance to apologize or make up for everything gone bad.

i believe i have to move on from the bad encounters and to continue with my life, by doing so you wouldn’t have succeeded in “ruining” me and i can continue to explore and venture to greater things in life.

upon ending my letter, i hope negativity ends at this point. who knows maybe one day someone will also appreciate one with blemish and after all no one is perfect.







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