finding yourselfmyself

With each day passing i feel like a part of me is changing or maybe losing myself. my perspectives of things change, and even my attitude towards work has changed.

it seems like one is forever occupied with work and time for self is no longer there? then even so, maybe it’s the same for most people.

and once again the word “prioritize” pops up in my head. actually some things are obviously more important than others, but it’s easier said than done right?

no matter what, perhaps we shouldn’t question why we prioritize some things over others, since at the end of the day, we are only answerable to ourselves and no one else. that is even if the opinion of others may matter, but it’s how we deal with those opinions to make ourselves better or worse?

just a really random thought: sometimes you might blame the world for things not going your way. but maybe most of the time we need to learn how to think in the shoes of others. having said that, i admit i’m still always learning this too.

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came across this from a friend’s blog and recently on facebook too. seeing this, my belief never change.. to be thankful for what i have.

and a favourite phrase: Keep Calm and Geog On.


of time and rambles

a super random post after that i’m going to rest, officially dying after not getting enough rest. school is taking away time for recuperating.

anyways this thing just crept into my mind over a comment i saw.. it’s something to do with not having enough time for everything and not making an effort to do so. well actually it’s a fact with hectic lifestyles and etc.

then again of course people can say that’s because you cannot be bothered to manage your time properly for everything to be done. actually i seriously think that no one free of not planning their time properly and perhaps only a minority is doing everything that they’re suppose to do or can do.

so as a person who might not be a time-Alec, i just want to say maybe there is no fault in not squeezing out time, when you have to balance your commitments with life’s necessities i.e. sleeping, eating.

and a sarcastic saying: “actually when we say no time, it’s obvious that we prioritize some things over others, then why comment on the obvious?”

that’s to say if someone tells you no time, why not just leave it at that? since that person has already shown you that something is not a priority, what’s the point in harping on it? in doing so it might just make you feel more angry?

PS: just two cents worth and seriously, i’m rambling to myself. not surprise if this post doesn’t make any sense.


What’s important will always count in your heart. it’ll have a place in it.

back in school to do cleaning with mummy and then hope i’m ready for the rest of the semester.. blame it on dust allergy that i have to trouble my mum.

anyways it’s quite nice to know that you will always have the support of family no matter what. so they are always in my heart.

note to self: drink more water, rest more and get your lungs healthy before other things. protect yourself against dust!







世界的天空都是一样的对吧?想到另一个地方时,抬头望着天 想像自己在喜欢的国家。。然后微笑着,这样鼓励自己还有一片永远的天空


PS: 现在的我们注重金钱/友情/爱情/亲情/自由/物质 吗?我想我最注重的是感情


般若 波罗 蜜多心 经
观自 在菩 萨, 行深 般若 波罗 蜜多 时, 照见 五蕴 皆空,
度一 切苦 厄。舍利 子,色不 异空, 空不 异色,
色即 是空, 空即 是色。 受想 行识, 亦复 如是。
舍 利子, 是诸 法空 相, 不生 不灭, 不垢 不净,
不增 不减, 是故 空中 无色, 无受 想行 识, 无眼 耳
鼻舌 身意, 无色 声香 味触 法, 无眼 界,乃 至无 意识 界,
无无 明, 亦无 无明 尽, 乃至 无老 死,亦无 老死 尽。
无 苦集 灭道, 无智 亦无 得,以 无所 得故。
菩提 萨埵,依 般若 波罗 蜜多 故,心 无挂 碍。无 挂碍 故,
无有 恐怖, 远离 颠倒 梦想, 究竟 涅盘。
三世 诸佛, 依般 若波 罗蜜 多故, 得阿 耨多 罗三 藐三 菩提。
故知 般若 波罗 蜜多, 是大 神咒, 是大 明咒,
是 无上 咒, 是无 等等 咒。 能除 一切 苦, 真实 不虚。
故 说般 若波 罗蜜 多咒。 即说 咒曰:
揭 谛揭 谛,波罗 揭谛, 波罗 僧揭 谛,菩提萨 婆诃。




I rekindled my love today!

my love for piano and music.

recess week has begun, it’s not really recess week for me though.. have to rush out project and then attend make up lectures, i guess it’ll keep one occupied and feel really on beat and on the go!

watched Contagion and i think it’s not bad, not awesome but i guess i like Steven Soderbergh’s films, so nothing to complain about? besides it’s realistic enough in my personal opinion. Kate Winslet is such a heroine inside!

on a personal note, i would like to be easily satisfied, as in giving thanks to every small thing in life? having dinner, watching movie, playing piano, sitting on a relatively empty bus, blast music and lost in my thoughts~

have great moments~ 为自己的事努力奋斗,气儿力顶!

Letter to Blemishes

Dear Blemish,

This letter is written because i experienced revelation. realizing that “you” have hurt me in the past, sometimes you exploit my ignorance and hurt me without me knowing it.

And when i do, only to realize it is too late and then i felt like there’s a blemish. However maybe perhaps, you’re just here to torment me on purpose? i shall not let you do that. if i continue to be reminded of you and wallow in self pity, have self doubt and even affect my confidence level, you would have succeeded.

maybe you do not feel the hurt i felt, after all you were the one gaining enjoyment at the expense of my suffering and misery?

i hope one day you will also reach a revelation, and somehow, someday, sometime find a chance to apologize or make up for everything gone bad.

i believe i have to move on from the bad encounters and to continue with my life, by doing so you wouldn’t have succeeded in “ruining” me and i can continue to explore and venture to greater things in life.

upon ending my letter, i hope negativity ends at this point. who knows maybe one day someone will also appreciate one with blemish and after all no one is perfect.